The research will produce an evidence-base on linking legal empowerment with participatory performance to reduce extreme poverty and social exclusion for persons with conflict-related disabilities. The impact will be to inform policymakers, practitioners, and donors on how to scale up such interventions in Sri Lanka and similar post-conflict states like Myanmar and Nepal.

Articles and Chapters

Blades, H. (2021). Dancing Right(s): Dance, Disability and Legal Empowerment in Post-War Sri Lanka. Dance Research39(1), 72-88. https://doi.org/10.3366/drs.2020.0319

Blades, H. (2019). Dance, Disability and Performance in North and East Sri Lanka: Evaluating Audience Responses. In C. Vendramin, H. Blades, K. Marsh, & S. Whatley (Eds.), Exchanging, Moving, Translating: Thoughts on Dance and Disability (pp. 330-346). Centre for Dance Research. https://pure.coventry.ac.uk/ws/portalfiles/portal/26786702/000_DRAFT_03AGO_final.pdf


Performing Empowerment 

Film 0: Performing Empowerment Overview

Film 1: Research Project

Film 2: Disability and Disability Rights in Sri Lanka

Film 3: Combining Dance and Human rights

Film 4: Dance and Rights Workshops

Film 5: Public Performances

Film 6: Evidencing Change

Film 7: Preliminary Findings

Film 8: Sustainability

Performing Inclusion

Film 1: Overview

Film 2: Methodology and Preliminary Findings

Film 3: Observations